How (and why) I use a Headless-CMS to partner with Shopify

How (and why) I use a Headless-CMS to partner with Shopify
If you're interested in learning about Core Web Vitals optimization with a Shopify store, take a look at this post. Optimizing for Core Web Vitals on Shopify

Shopify's backend CMS is unparalleled. Having an in-house logistics team requires an efficient solution for managing and shipping orders. This would naturally be a moot point if you use a 3PL to manage fulfillment. But in our case, Shopify's order management and shipping UI fits like a glove for our store.

SEO Limitations with Shopify:

1. Ability to edit code as you go

2. Improve or modify server related fixes

3. Control of delivering JS libraries, caching

Same goes for SKU and product management. Product team set-ups the products on our Shopify account and it shows up on our headless store. This includes dynamically changing prices, quantity and availability.


Its free. Okay realistically, this depends on each individual store but we do ~25k a month and pay $0 for bandwidth. Netlify plans offer 100GB of bandwidth for free every month, after that they offer a plan with 400GB of bandwidth for $19/month.Outside of this you need to host a WP backend where you will make edits to your site. There are a ton of free options for WP hosting since this is not traffic dependent but we pay $25/month to WPengine for the sake of convenience.

Another overlooked aspect of running a Shopify store are the cost of plugins. Whether you're using a pagebuilder like PageFly or Shogun, or any other plugins to manage your feed for Google Merchant Center or one of the many (terrible) SEO plugins.

With our headless setup, I can inject JSON structured data natively in our CMS.

If you're considering running your own Shopify store on a headless setup, there are a number of factors to take into account. The most important ones are cost and the ability to control code as you go. With all these considerations in mind, to me it's clear that a headless set-up is the best solution for any ecommerce site owner who wants complete freedom over their CMS while still retaining the backend benefits of hosting on Shopify. If this sounds like something that would work well with your set-up or if you need help deciding the next step for your business needs - give me a shout! My team can provide guidance without any pressure to sign up for anything more than a review call.