I’m a full-stack digital marketer, with a focus on digital strategy

Vancouver-based, Mayank Jha is currently a Marketing student at Simon Fraser University. He has always taken an early interest in the field and has been a part of the digital marketing scene for a couple years now. Currently functioning as a digital marketer at a local company, he is striving to learn all there is in the industry, and more. Outside of work and school, Mayank takes pride in being an overzealous soccer enthusiast amongst other things including a variety of music and TV. In his move to Vancouver, his passion for avocado rolls is now vis a vis with his love for the traditional Indian deal.

Search Engine Optimization

Being discovered on the search results for queries is much more than ranking 1st. Ditch anyone who promises #1 ranking

Search Engine Marketing

Well set-up advertising campaigns can increase revenue multifold with slight tweaking and optimization every now and then

Conversion Optimization

By using the right tools, you can improve your conversion rate which complements your other efforts to increase web traffic.

Growth Hacking
for E-Commerce

Growth hacking for your e-store entails creating a sustainable long-term strategy through short-term fixes.

Content Marketing

Make users develop trust in your brand by providing them quality content.

Digital Analytics

Set-up powerful (and some free) tools to monitor your buyer's purchase cycle to improve your current sales model.